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The core of any holiday, inarguably, is the planning and ground work done behind it. We at “Routes and Journeys” are committed to planning and executing successful and hearty Bhutan holiday packages for our customers. Expertise is a by-product for experience, and our experienced and registered travel agents have taken us to a place where we can proudly announce that we are one of the best Bhutan tour operators.  With registered offices throughout Asia, we ensure that the best Bhutan holiday is within reach to all!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to provide the best and memorable Bhutan holiday to our customers, by providing value to their trips through responsible tourism. Bhutan, considering her beauty and serenity deserves to be promoted in the best way possible, and we look forward to do exactly that. We work towards helping the world understand and appreciate the country, which is simply possible by an awesome trip to Bhutan planned by “Routes and Journeys”.

Our Team

Our customers are assisted at all times by an experienced English and Chinese speaking guide during their visit to Bhutan. Right from assistance in planning the trip until the end of the Bhutan holiday, our concierge service desk will be at your service.

Our Exclusive Chartered Flights

Exclusive Chartered flights from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong:

Back in 2008 Bhutan was connected internationally to only 3 countries – India, Nepal & Thailand. But times have changed, and tourism has spread its wings. Life is short and there are so many places to explore. That is why Routes & Journeys has introduced direct Chartered flights from Singapore to Bhutan, Malaysia to Bhutan, Hong Kong to Bhutan, and Vietnam to Bhutan in collaboration with the Royal Bhutan Airlines (Druk Air) and Bhutan Airlines. These flying options are introduced to save the time and money of our customers.

Exclusive Chartered Flights