Bhutan: Visa Rules for the Land of Mesmerizing Beauty

You may be among those tourists who plan to visit this mountainous and scenic locale. And, your attraction towards this beautiful land will get vindicated once you land at this place that boasts and captivates the attention of holidaymakers and tourists. The serene ambience and the enchanting beauty of Bhutan are enough to attract tourists keen to enjoy nature’s bounty. 

Due to the Bhutanese government’s adherence to a “low volume, high quality” strategy, carefullypicks the visitors. Therefore, the visitors who do not hold passports from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are required to travel through a packaged tour only. They are also supposed to follow a well-framed itinerary plan already prepared and readied for the trip. When it comes to providing Visa services to Bhutan, Travel Bhutan Tours is a name you can trust upon. We guarantee a Visa Approval in 2 working days. 

Preserving the Cultural Heritage

The Bhutanese government’s policy to maintain a “High Volume, Low Impact Tourism” aims to keep the cultural heritage of the region preserved to its fullest. By booking a tour, you can get a visa that might cost you around US$200, and the per day initially might appear a hefty amount. But it is an unarguable fact that a peek into the captivating and beseeching beauty of this pristine country is worth the money invested. Moreover, you won’t have to bother with your accommodation, meals, and other related fees like local transport and tour guides, as it’s all-inclusive. You genuinely enjoy peace of mind and explore the region for cherishing memory. 

Who Needs a Visa?

To enter Bhutan, people from any other country except India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives, need a Visa. Citizens of these three countries can enter Bhutan with just their passports with a validity of another six months. Those who don’t come under the bracket of these three countries are required to pay a US$65 per person per day Sustainable Development Fee. It is ensured that the tour operators like us calculate it in the Minimum Daily Package. 

Trekking Tours

Both beauty and variety mark trekking in Bhutan. With some of the most challenging high-altitude treks in the world, Bhutan can quickly fill your needs, whether you are an experienced hiker or a novice. The crystal-clear lakes and the quietness of the mountain paths await welcoming you. A local guide will be there to coordinate with you. You will not be left in the lurch to go it alone, irrespective of the multi-day trek you choose.

The trekking tours involve lots of fun and adventure as well. Like the 27 days Snowman Trek which throws before you the challenge to go for a high-altitude trek of a lifetime, where you are supposed to cross numerous high-altitude passes and camping in the snow as well. There are LayaGasa and Dagala Thousand Lakes for a shorter challenge and fewer rigours. In the wake of the lack of time, you have the option of checking out the Jumolhari, Druk Path, and Owl Treks. 

Considered “the hardest trek in the world”, Snowman Trek is attempted by only a few people each season. It’s an extension of the LayaGasa Trek and is best to be tried from mid-June to mid-November. If you have maintained fitness, determination, and trekking experience, no other Himalayan trek could match it.